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Smoky Refried Beans:Classic Style

These Smoky Refried Beans are full of flavor – bacon, jalapeno, lime…..delish!

Smoky Refried Beans Recipe - sooooo yummy! @foodapparelHow about them Seahawks the other day? I don’t know what team you are rooting for, but that was a pretty fantastic turnaround in what was looking to be an abysmal finish after the first half. Wow. Just wow! (This is Christina, btw – I don’t even know if Tammy watches football….)

Anyway, whether you like football or not, find an excuse to make some Super Bowl eats. Why? Because it’s basically a national holiday here in the U.S. so you’d better start celebrating it like it is one. Also, after weeks of resolutions and healthy eating, we all deserve a “free” day, right? Full of pizza, wings, tater skins, and lots of other things that we’ll just call “hearty comfort food” for the sake of making us not feel guilty….

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Introducing {Fashion Friday}: Runway Review of Homemade Decadence by Joy the Baker

Friday, oh Friday! Blessed day of the week when we are wrapping up business as usual and making plans for a fantabulous weekend of fun (or maybe just of rest – equally good IMO.) Since Fridays should be “fun” days, we decided here on Food Apparel that we would celebrate by also bringing some fun…

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Light and Fluffy Oatmeal Pancakes - Yummy!

Oatmeal Pancakes: Quick ‘N Easy Style

For a great way to start the day, try out these simple oatmeal pancakes. They are light, fluffy, and delicious! Since we’re still on a little healthy food kick here at Food Apparel we thought that we’d share another simple,tasty, and healthy way to start the day before starting to roll out the hearty Super Bowl favs…

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beautiful kitchen

15 for 2015 Healthy Recipe Round Up! + How I Lost 30 Pounds Over the Holidays + Some Fun Announcements

I wanted to share my little secret with you about how I lost 30 pounds during the holiday season this year.

Heart Healthy Smoothie Recipe - great way to start the day! @foodapparel

Heart Healthy Smoothie: Quick ‘N Easy Style

Start out the day with this Heart Healthy Fruit Smoothie – good for the body and for the taste buds! A few months back, my husband had a physical exam to determine his insurance premium.  Not having coordinated the dates so well, I planned to feed some missionaries from our church.  Vegetable Lasagna with creamy…

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Brussels Sprouts, Red Pepper, and Egg Breakfast Skillet Recipe - a great tasty (AND healthy) breakfast!

Brussels Sprouts, Red Pepper, and Egg Breakfast Skillet: Classic Style

For a nice and healthy (yet tasty) breakfast recipe, to ring in the new year, try out this Brussels Sprouts. Red Pepper and Egg Breakfast Skillet! It’s 2015! Yay! It seems like last year just flew by. We are so excited for this year – got a lot of fun stuff planned for ya’ll!

Hot Cheesy Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Artichoke Dip Recipe - it will be the first thing to disappear at the appetizer table! @foodapparel

Hot Cheesy Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Artichoke Dip: Gourmet Style

If you want to feel good about yourself, make this Hot Cheesy Spinach and Red Pepper Artichoke Dip. It will be the first thing to disappear at the appetizer table! Wow! It’s almost a New Year. Let me tell you, 2014 kind of “flashed before my eyes.” In a good kind of a way though….

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Sweet and Spicy Caramelized Onion Dip Recipe- it's amazing! @foodapparel

Sweet and Spicy Caramelized Onion Dip: Gourmet Style

 Are you ready to dip for New Year’s? Here’s an amazing Caramelized Onion Dip that will make you SWOON! Notice: I used the word SWOON above. I just had to after reading an article about 15 things (or 20, I don’t even remember) that food bloggers should stop doing in 2015. One of them was…

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Hazelnut Banana Bread @foodapparel

Hazelnut Banana Bread (or Muffins) and the True Meaning of Christmas

Hazelnut Banana Bread – to celebrate my little Hazel “nut”! I know this is a food blog, but I’ve had a lot of thoughts on my mind this year as the holiday season surrounds us. I just wanted to take time to share a little bit with you.

Stuffed French Toast Sticks @foodapparel

Stuffed French Toast Sticks: Quick ‘N Easy Style

For a delicious breakfast that both kids and adults will love, try out these amazing stuffed french toast sticks. So many options to fill these! Hi ya’ll. Can you tell I’m getting excited for this Christmas breakfast stuff? I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but I married the best pancake maker in the…

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Orange Croissant French Toast - a great way to use your day old croissants! #breakfast @foodapparel

Orange Croissant French Toast: Quick ‘N Easy Style

Never waste croissants again. Instead of tossing out your croissants that are past their peak, use them to make some awesome Orange Croissant French Toast. Revive the buttery and flaky goodness, and have a scrumptious breakfast! Christmas is coming…..and with that, Christmas Breakfast, my favorite meal of the whole year! Somehow, when I was growing…

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