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Agua de Sandia Recipe (Watermelon Agua Fresca)

Course Drink
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Author Christina Lakey


  • 1 Medium-Sized Watermelon rind removed, and chopped
  • Water to taste
  • Sugar to taste


  1. Fill your blender to the fill line with watermelon chunks.
  2. Add water to the fill line.
  3. Pulverize that melon!
  4. Strain through a fine mesh strainer into your serving container (to catch any extra seeds or pulp).
  5. Continue until you have blended all the melon.
  6. Take a quick taste of the juice (before you sweeten with any sugar). I usually don't add any more water at this point, but you can if you want.
  7. Add sugar to taste, usually 1-2 cups.

Recipe Notes

Change it Up:

Add the juice of two fresh limes into the mix for a tangier version (or like mentioned, just serve wedges on the side for people to squeeze in their own limey deliciousness).

Add mint! A sprig for each glass will do. Or if you really want to make it more potent, grab a handful of mint leaves and pulverize with the melon. Mint and melon are a great combo! The color of the juice will not be quite as clear, but it's a fun way to mix it up.